Christmas Light Tours

Christmas Light Tours - Unified Party Bus - Wichita KS
Unified Party Bus has come to be the #1 transportation company in Wichita for Christmas Light Tours. There are several reasons why we continue to do more and more of these fun trips each year.  


Christmas Dots  We continue to find new places to go each year so the route changes from year to year.


        We pick your group up wherever you would ike to be picked up at and we allow you to bring food and drinks on the bus. 


Christmas Dots  Christmas Light Tours are extremely family friendly so anyone young to young at heart can go and enjoy themselves.


Christmas Dots  Buses are large enough to get up and move around during the ride.


Christmas Dots  We aren't sticklers for a route meaning it is your two hours to do whatever you want to do. If that means no Christmas music but lights that's great. If that means Christmas music and no christmas lights that's fine as well.


Botanica Illuminations Transportation Lights on St Paul - Official Transportation

We are the official transportation sponsor for all three big fundraisers in Wichita including Lights on St.Paul benefiting the ARC of Sedgwick County, Heartspring's Lights on the Lake and also Botanica's Illuminations display. 


Being the official transportation for these locations your group will be able to avoid the lines and enjoy the lights more promptly than if you were driving yourself. In addition, we get everyone into Botanica's Illuminations display for FREE Sunday through Thursday.


Times, Dates, Christmas

Because we have such a demand to do these trips we regret to say we do have specific times these trips are done. They can be done from November 28th through Dec 30th 7 days a week. We can sure accomodate your needs whatever they are however it may cost a bit more as it will interrupt our normal schedule.


5:45pm - 7:45pm    or    8:15pm - 10:15pm 
are the normal light tour times available.


Pricing for Christmas Light Tours

                                                               Sunday-Thursday                Friday - Saturday

22 passenger                                    $280                        $330

24 passenger                                    $280                        $330

32 passenger                                    $300                        $350

35 passenger                                    $320                        $380

40 passenger                                    $330                        $350 

43 passenger                                    $350                        $380

45 passenger                                    $350                        $380




Unified Party Bus Phone Number 316-755-IVANCall to reserve your trip today! 316-755-IVAN





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