Can we drink alcoholic beverages on the bus?

YES. It is legal to consume alcoholic beverages on the bus. All alcohol must stay on the bus and away from the driver at all times. Otherwise drink away.


Is smoking allowed on any of the buses?

No smoking of any sort is allowed on any of our buses. We will remind you of this at the beginning of the trip. If anyone smokes while on board he or she will be asked to get off the bus and any damages caused to the seats will be paid for by the person who rented the bus.

What is on the Party Bus?

Each Party Bus is equipped with a CD/ MP3 player, two IPOD's and an awesome sound system that plays throughout the entire bus. 7 of the 9 buses have air conditioning and all buses have LED rope lighting, laser lighting, tinted windows, and last but not least a safe and fun driver.

Can we change the packages?

Our packages are price based on a number of variables ranging from fuel usage, driver availability, amount of driving time, etc. With any of our packages we would be happy to give you a quote tailored to fit your specific needs.

Do we get in to bars without paying the cover charge?

We have worked out deals with most bars and clubs in Wichita. Most of them allow our guests in without paying this cover charge. Remember you have rented a Unified Party Bus and are paying for the transportation, not club entry. This is a perk you get free of charge given to you by the clubs themselves. If they choose for some reason to not allow a group in for whatever reason there is nothing Unified Party Bus can do about it. With all of this said, we can and will get you into more bars and clubs than any other transportation company in Wichita no matter what the other companies say.

Are there any other charges other than the flat rate you advertise?

No, there are no taxes you have to pay in addition to the flat rate we advertise. We do not add in gratuity to the top of your package either. If you choose to tip the driver that is great but is not required. Any vandalism to the bus, disorderly guests, any body fluids left on the bus or anyone under the age of 21 on the bus if alcohol is present and you will have to pay for the damages of the fee's which are written out in the reservation agreement. You get the picture, we spend a lot of money to provide a fun transportation environment and we would like to keep it that way for the next guests.

Why use Unified Party Bus instead of another bus company?

Take a look at our history section, safety notice and air-conditoning-myths & Facts to answer this and by all means ask around. Most people will tell you the same thing. the Unified Party bus is the way to go!!!

How do I book a Unified Party Bus?

First e-mail or call to confirm our availability. Calling and providing us with some information about your event along with a $100 booking fee will reserve a bus. This booking fee is required to hold a date. Once your reservation is confirmed, the balance is due a minimum of 1 week before your event. Payment can be made with cash, check or any major credit card.

What is the dress code for the Unified Party Bus?

We don't strictly enforce a dress code however we do highly suggest you "dress to impress" If you plan on going anywhere in old town, plan on dressing nice. Most bars do not allow ball caps, baggy pants, hoodies, jersey's, or shirts that are long and untucked. Remember just to use common sense.

Can we bring our own music?

Absolutely. We have IPOD’S on each bus with well over 7000 songs on them however, you are always welcome to bring CD’s or any type of mp3 player that has a normal headphone jack. Please keep in mind not all of our music is edited.

Can we drink alcoholic beverages on the bus? YES. It is legal to consume alcoholic beverages on the bus. All alcohol must stay on the bus and away...
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